TV Shows You Should be Watching

I talk about TV a lot on this blog because, frankly, that’s all I do for fun most nights. When your entire life is in a storage unit and you live in a single room with hardly any storage and there’s only one TV in a house that you share with three other adults and a toddler, it makes sense that Netflix, Hulu+, and various other apps are my best friends.

Anyway. While the Fall TV season is a few weeks away, I’ve been watching a few new (to me) shows.

1) Prisoners of War. Showtime’s Homeland was inspired by this Israeli drama. Even though it’s subtitled, it’s one of the most compelling shows I’ve ever seen. Bonus: the spouse and I both enjoy it. Available on Hulu+.

2) The L.A. Complex. Yes, it’s on the CW, but I really like this show. It’s a drama set in L.A. (obviously). It’s about actors and comedians trying to make it big while living in a motel complex, where most can barely afford rent. There’s comedians competing for jobs, a new actor who agrees to date a famous movie star for money, and a washed-up actress who agrees to do a reality show after failing to sign anything after her 15 minutes of fame. Available on the CW app.

3) Inspector Lewis. Another brilliant mystery program brought to us by the BBC and available on the PBS app. It’s set in Oxford, which makes me nostalgic for the 4 months I spent there as an undergrad. It’s not violent. The smart dialogue and picturesque setting will tide you over until January when Downton Abbey returns. Bonus: the spouse and I also both enjoy it.

What are you watching this summer?


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