Olympic Fever

I blame the Olympics for my increased use of caffeine, since NBC refuses to air the popular sports and races until way after my bedtime. And I’m too lazy to figure out how to watch the BBC version on my computer.

But I do love the Olympics.

Here are some random facts about the Olympics I learned while reading the special edition of Time magazine:

  1. The lightest Olympian ever weighed 65 lb. (American springboard diver Aileen Riggin, 1920 and 1924)
  2. Olympic athletes and coaches from outside the EU have restricted visas that forbid them to marry or form civil partnerships while on British soil during the Games
  3. Haitian triple jumper Samyr Laine roomed with Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard and has a JD from Georgetown Law. He has a job waiting for him (lucky guy!) at a NYC law firm when he retires from sports
  4. Russell and Lauryn Mark, married Aussie shooters, are not allowed to room together in the Olympic Village in London
  5. Partly sighted para-olympic swimmers are required to wear blackened goggles to compete against completely blind swimmers

Are you watching the Olympics? What’s your favorite sport?


One thought on “Olympic Fever

  1. Yes! We went to bed at 11:45 last night after waiting for the medal ceremony and I am dragging today. Did you hear the NPR segment on dressage? I didn’t really know what is was about, and it was neat to learn what it entails. I’m still not sure I see it as a (human) Olympic event, but it’s cool.

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