Felicity Ends

Oh boy. I am so disappointed.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read any further if you haven’t seen and/or want to see Felicity.

Felicity. I only watched a few episodes of this show when it originally aired. The entire series is on Netflix. So I watched every single episode, wishing Felicity would choose Noel and quit running back to Ben.

Let me rephrase that. I watched almost every episode. After The Graduate episode, the show cascades into ridiculousness. Time travel? Ok, I know that the studio went back to JJ Abrams and asked him to write four more episodes, but why did he have to use time travel to tell the story?

Let’s use How I Met Your Mother as an example. At the end of last season, Ted steals Victoria away the day of her wedding. Why couldn’t Felicity do the same with Noel the day he is set to marry Zoe? If she really wanted to see how things turned out, why not play it out in real life?

Basically: Felicity and Ben get back together. In both scenarios they end up together after she forgives him again and again. Barf.

Want to save yourself the heartache? If you haven’t seen the show, just watch the last episode. It sums up everything. Including the time travel.


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