Behold the Power of Twitter

Ice cream. We all love ice cream, especially when it’s free, right? I’m super happy I’m not lactose intolerant because my life would be empty without dairy. (Ask me later how my gluten free adventures are going. BREAD! PASTA! I miss you.)


I’m Twitter obsessed (see @maricheney for proof). I love Twitter. I love it more than Facebook. Twitter allows cool interactions with people I know in real life, work colleagues, celebs, politicians and ice cream trucks.

Ben & Jerry’s started a campaign to advertise their new Greek frozen yogurt on Twitter by visiting different cities and asking people to tweet them to come to their office or home. When I saw that they were in Portland, I tweeted that they should come to Lewis & Clark Law School. This got the ball rolling. The PR director on main campus tweeted them, as well as other Lewis & Clark folks.

Yesterday we got an email announcing that the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck was coming to campus and to spread the word. I sent an email to my colleagues and posted it on the library’s Facebook page. So now I am full of banana peanut butter and raspberry fudge chunk Greek froyo. Thanks you, Ben & Jerry’s!



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