TV without the TV

Update: I added three more to my list: PBS Kids, Smithsonian and SnagFilms.

There is one TV in my in-laws’ house, and I don’t want to hog it (especially on Big Brother nights), so both Greg and I have found iPad and iPhone apps to watch TV and movies, rather than taking over the TV downstairs.

Here’s the collection of apps we use and some of my favorite shows available on these apps. (Note: These are NOT my husband’s favorite shows. He would rather eat brussel sprouts than watch most of these.)


  • Hulu+ (Free two month subscription found via LifeHacker, or free two week subscription here.) Recommended: The Only Way is Essex, Parks and Rec, Downton Abbey, New Girl
  • Netflix. Recommended: Felicity, Eureka, The IT Crowd, How I Met Your Mother


  • ABC. Recommended: The Glass House
  • ABC Family. Recommended: Bunheads, Beverly Hills Nannies
  • Crackle. Recommended: Seinfeld, The Knight’s Tale
  • CW. Recommended: The L.A. Complex
  • Food Network on TV. Recommended: Food Network Star
  • HGTV to Go. Recommended: Design Star
  • NBC. Recommended: Community
  • PBS. Recommended: Inspector Lewis
  • PBS Kids. Recommended: Curious George
  • Showtime (some series/season premieres available). Recommended: Homeland
  • Smithsonian
  • SnagFilms
  • (CBS). Recommended: Big Brother

There are a lot of other TV apps that work if you have a cable subscription and enter your credentials to view episodes, such as TNT and TBS. Comcast also has an Xfinity app that allows live viewing. And like the Showtime app recommended above, HBOGo is HBO’s app that only allows access to most content with a paid cable subscription to those premium channels. I really think that model needs to change. I know a lot of people (myself included!) who would be willing to pay Showtime and HBO directly for access to their content without signing up through a cable provider. Hopefully that time will come soon!

What are your favorite apps to watch TV and movies?


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