The Glass House

While I wait for Big Brother to return in less than a week (can I get a whoop whoop?), I’ve been watching The Glass Castle, an obvious knockoff of my beloved summer show (and the reason CBS is suing ABC right now). It’s just ok. There aren’t enough Janelles or Rachels in the world to make good/bad reality TV, apparently. But something interesting did happen in the last episode.

Jeffery, a gay man, and Andrea, a Mormon woman, got into a heated argument about homosexuality and Prop 8. Jeffery has now made it his mission to get Andrea out of the house because she voted for Prop 8. He is trying to convince the rest of the players that this is a moral issue and they should vote her out to send a message. Kevin, a straight male, refuses to join in the campaign and agrees with Andrea that it’s just a game and it shouldn’t be played with larger politics in mind.

The reason this is important is because The Glass House runs on viewer votes. If Andrea is voted out by housemates, the audience can send her back in. It will be interesting to see what happens and to see if Jeffery and Andrea can tolerate each other after their big argument.


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