All By Myself

Tonight is the first night I have spent away from Future President since he was born. Every day since his birth I’ve had some hand in putting him to bed.

My work trip started out nicely with a window seat in the MVP row of Alaska Air, which provided great views of the mountains as we took off from PDX.

I read a book, listened to music, watched TV and drank coffee and pop.

My dear friend Betsy picked me up at the airport and we drove to Coronado Island to catch the happy hour deals at a wonderful restaurant right on the water: sushi, Thai chicken rolls, grilled artichoke, and giant panko-fried onion rings for $20! We chatted and chatted until a waitress came over to tell us that the Coronado bridge was closed for a possible jumper. Funny thing: as we drove across the bridge we saw a kid on a skateboard blatantly riding in the middle of traffic. Pretty sure that kid is the reason we had to take the long way home on a freeway that provided views of the Mexican hills and border.

The hotel upgraded me to a giant room with a huge bed, 2 TVs, Concierge level access and free wifi. Ironically this bed is actually large enough for my DH plus Future President. I miss my boys.


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