No One Told Me It’d Be This Hard

BB (before baby), my friends with children stressed the fact that my husband and I should sleep as much as possible, during the day and at night. Nap! Go to sleep early! Sleep in! And that we should go on lots of dates. Go see a movie. Go to a restaurant. Be spontaneous. We didn’t really listen to this advice, but now I give the same words of wisdom to expecting parents. Travel. Sleep. Go on dates. NOW.

And I really, truly expected the first three or four months of parenthood to be hard. And those months were awful. Sleepless. Post-partum awful. (But that’s a blog post of its own.) Things improved around nine months, because he started sleeping through the night.

But no one told me that it’s hard all the time, for various reasons. That sleep schedules are not set in stone EVER. Baby might sleep through the night for a few months, but BOOM – teething, ear infection, nightmares, etc. happen and the sleep schedule is thrown off. It takes up to a week to get things back to normal. The new normal for us is sleeping for 4-6 hours, then waking up screaming and will not be comforted back to sleep until he’s in bed with us. This means he takes up half the bed sleeping horizontally and my husband and I hardly get any comfortable sleep. But at least he’s not screaming. (Note to self: invest in California King size bed.)

And don’t get me started about vacations. Apparently his pack ‘n play is the world’s worst bed.

“No one told me” is a terrible excuse for how tired and upset I am today. We made the choice to be parents. And it was the right choice and we love him so much. But it’s so hard.


2 thoughts on “No One Told Me It’d Be This Hard

  1. It is indeed hard, and we’re only at week four here. We’ve developed a sort of hysterical laugh–it usually appears in the early morning after the baby has woken up every hour and a half all night long–because either one or the other of us will reenact the baby’s best scream / grimace / yowl from that night. JD has decided the experts are wrong about the five baby cries. He’s added a sixth, which he says is the “I’m going to scream and scream and never tell you what I’m upset about.” Thank you for being honest about parenting. I’m tired of the fake warm fuzzies.

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