Parenting Articles from around in the Interwebs

This article on military moms breastfeeding in uniform has been making a splash amongst parents and non-parents alike. One of the moms makes a good point: all breastfeeding moms have nursed their children in their “work” clothes, whether they be scrubs or a suit or a uniform. I never changed clothes after arriving home from work before nursing if my baby was hungry. It’s just not practical. However, it’s more complicated in military uniform since there are strict rules about what you can and cannot do while wearing a uniform. There are no explicit rules barring breastfeeding in uniform, but the issue has never really been discussed before because it has never been so publicly captured and promoted. What do you think?

And for a completely opposite side of the parenting discussion, check out “I Don’t Want to Have Children.” I absolutely have no problem with women who choose not to have children. I’m not sure what the big deal is and why society makes it a big deal. Unlike our parents and grandparents, it’s no longer expected that we’ll have everything figured out by our mid-twenties and we’ll be married and be done having kids by 30, settled into the house that we will live in for the rest of our lives. And even though I’m married and have a kid, my life has taken completely unexpected turns. I mean, I live with my inlaws. Who’d expect that?

What about you? Child-free friends: do you want kids? Do you feel pressure to have them? If I ever make you feel uncomfortable that you don’t have have kids, tell me. I really, truly don’t care.


One thought on “Parenting Articles from around in the Interwebs

  1. Thank you for posting the “I Don’t Want to Have Children” link. While I’m now actually approaching being on the fence on this issue (which is a pretty substantial realization), I appreciate reading things like, “The only time I envy parents is when they are in their 30s, had their kids in their 20s, and are that much closer to getting them out of the house. Is that normal? To want kids just to see them leave?” I like that I’m not alone in my thinking. I love the idea of a full house, lots of people in and out that I get to feed, or having huge family gatherings as an old person. But, at my current age and lack of desire for offspring, I don’t know that it will happen.

    Becoming an auntie at a very early age also skewed my thinking: “I’m 25 and could have a 10-year-old now, I’m too old to start anyway.” Yeah, that didn’t help matters… šŸ˜‰

    I’m not ready to totally write-off children, however. Like you, I fully understand that life happens and takes (exciting and terrifying) twists and turns that can never be planned for or anticipated (see: the last several years of my life). I may meet someone who could bring up the ‘feeling’ of “We must have & raise children together.” Never say never…

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