What Friendship Looks Like

When I moved away from Hong Kong in 1997, one of the hardest things to do was say goodbye to the city of my childhood and the friends that lived in it. I only attended high school for 2 years in Hong Kong, but made friends with many wonderful people there, including three women that I bonded with immediately: April, Marianne and Tamara.

Yesterday I met up with Marianne for the first time in 15 years.

“This is so weird,” were the first words out of both our mouths. It is weird, right? Fifteen years is a long, long time. College, marriage, babies. It all happened in these last 15 years. But guess what? We’re still friends.

We caught up for a couple of hours, learning about the others’ life. Where we went after Hong Kong. Finding husbands that “got” us, even though they didn’t grow up overseas themselves. Kids. Parenting. Jobs.

Whatever you believe about an afterlife, I’m hoping it includes many moments like this with friends I won’t ever get to reunite with on earth.


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