I’m almost done reading the Steve Jobs biography and the thing that struck me the most (after his awful genius personality disorder) was that so many of the technologies I rely on now didn’t exist when I was in college, not to mention high school.

I didn’t have a computer until I was a junior in college and it was actually exciting to go to the computer lab to meet up with friends, check email and spy on boys. We used phones to make planes – land line phones, not cell phones, since minutes were expensive. I got a laptop before studying abroad in England and was so addicted to Snood it’s embarrassing to talk about.

And what about high school? I always wanted my own phone line but settled on sharing. We made plans and couldn’t change them last minute because there was no way to get in touch. And email? Not so much. I lived apart from my parents for two years and the most contact I had with them was a weekly phone call and snail mail.

When I was a student missionary, I emailed people at home about my experiences. Unfortunately I didn’t save these emails and hope my parents have them archived in their Juno account.

What would these experiences have looked like if I had had a smartphone, Facebook, twitter or even this blog?


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