Party Time!

I have a hankering for a big party. Maybe it’s because we’ll be alone this Thanksgiving and I’m feeling nostalgic for a big gathering of friends and family. My favorite party ever was my wedding. I know, I know, that’s egotistical, but it was the most fun I have ever had.

Other great parties that come to mind: the periodic dance party during college when I lived with Heather, Katrina and Mindy; my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary; my aunt and uncle’s wedding at the Hotel del Coronado; our college graduation party in Andra’s parents’ backyard; whenever my law librarianship class gets together at a conference; New Year’s Eve at Andra’s apartment; last Thanksgiving; my brother and Lindy’s wedding; and watching Better off Dead with the Fergusons. As you can see, my definition of a party is very broad. Wanna party?


5 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. I want to party!!!! When?? Where??? My apt is ready and available (and maybe for my upstairs neighbor, I may even turn on my heat…)I just found my pics from the Talenless Show = AWESOME!

  2. The talentless show was certainly epic and I keep telling G he missed out on a great party since we weren't dating then (too bad for him!!!). J's transformation of the paper clips and A & B's dance will go down in history… Post the pics please, CDO!

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