If you have an iPhone or other smartphone, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re like me and wonder how you survived without one. The little blue dot on Google maps has saved me multiple times – prior to iPhone ownership it wasn’t unusual for me to call my dad or G for directions, even if they had never been to the city/location before.

One time when G was still living in Seattle, I was driving around in the dark in Salt Lake after putting on a training for some librarians. I needed to get home but I was so, so lost. To make matters worse, Salt Lake is mapped in a grid system so it’s almost impossible to get lost. But I did. G said, “Which way are the mountains? Go that way.” But it was so dark and I was so upset, I couldn’t figure out where the Wasatch mountains were. I finally got home after he found my location on a map and told me exactly where to go.

Anyway, what apps do you love on your smartphone?

Some of my current favs:
1) Facebook
2) Twitter (I’m @maricheney)
3) NetNewsWire (app version of Google Reader)
4) Instagram (I’m hazzeltoz)
5) Words with Friends (want to play? I’m VERY easy to beat!)
6) Angry Birds
7) Momento


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