Veterans Day

Thank you to all the men and women who are serving and have served our country in the military! I don’t know many vets personally but thank you, thank you.

My grandfather was a medic on a battleship during WWII. He didn’t ever tell me much about his time in the service but when I brought G to meet my grandparents, PopPop told him lots of stories about the war. I should get G to write them down. Nanny also pulled out photos of PopPop in his uniform and letters and postcards he had mailed to his mom while at basic training; I had never seen any of the pictures or letters. G was able to extract memories and stories in a way I never was!

I also love the military for a very selfish reason. When we lived in Hong Kong, as Americans we had access to the “fleet club” where we could mail things for cheap and buy American magazines and books for cheap too. There was even a McDonalds in the fleet club and we would often get ice cream and eat it looking out at the harbor.

Another perk was that when an aircraft carrier came into the harbor, we would get to take special tours with our school. We went on numerous carriers and as a young girl, I was in love with every man in uniform on those ships. It was also amazing to hear so many people speaking “American” at one time! I hope my parents have photos from those trips because it is impossible to describe the enormity of those very large, impressive ships.


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