TV Viewing

I don’t watch as much TV as I used to since we cancelled cable and TiVo and, oh yeah, had a baby. However, there are a few favorite shows I’ve kept up with and a few new ones I’ve been watching this season.

Two new shows worth watching:
1) Up All Night
While the Ava character is deplorable/unbelievable, I like the premise that parenthood doesn’t change everything about a couple and that they are still the cool/hip/cooky people they were before the baby was born. I like that the mom works, although we never see her juggling pumping with the demands of her job. It’s realistic in the sense that the mom gets home most evenings after the baby is already asleep (most babies go to sleep between 6 and 8); that the stay at home dad has to find outlets for his own hobbies and finds it hard to make friends since he’s home all day. If you’re a parent, I think you’ll find this show funny.

2) Pan Am
I was so wary of this show since seeing ads for it over the summer – I thought it was going to be some sexist, chauvinistic view of women in the 1960s, all about sex and mindless jokes about women working outside of the home. However, this show is very much about how stewardesses joined the workforce to see the world, something that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to do without a husband. It’s about social, racial and gender tensions of the time period and has a bit of intrigue because one of the stewardesses works for the CIA. The last episode was particularly good.  

Three returning shows worth watching:
1) Top Chef
I love a good reality show but most of the good ones are on cable. You can find episodes online and they are worth checking out. Earlier in the fall, Top Chef Just Desserts aired and it was also fun. The chefs are creative and I always go away from an episode inspired to be more creative in my cooking, even though I have no intention of ever eating the stomach of anything!

2) Big Bang Theory
This is our all-time favorite show. It’s so, so, so funny and we introduce it to everyone we know. We own all the seasons on DVD and if someone visits and hasn’t seen the show, we throw in the first season and everyone is hooked. We’ve watched the first season so many times, we’ve memorized many of the episodes!

3) Parks and Rec
This show gets funnier and funnier each season and Ron Swanson is always a pleasure with his dry humor and comments about government. Andy and April are the weirdest couple on TV and Leslie is the most earnest local government worker you’ll ever see.

Runners up: The Middle, Modern Family, New Girl  

Shows I’m on the fence about:
1) The Office
This used to be one of my favs but without Steve Carrell, it’s floundering. I’m willing to give it until the end of the season to see if it can rebound.
2) Community
I used to really enjoy this show, but it’s getting too meta and conceptual. The writers should stick to what they do best, like the debate episode from last season. I’m sort of over it.


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