What I Do All Day

I frequently am asked what I do all day as a law librarian. People are normally a little shocked to find out I went to law school and do not practice law. Instead, I went to library school after law school and have never taken the bar. I still can if I want to but I have serious test anxiety, so since I don’t need to for my job, I’ll leave the test taking to my husband.

I work at a state law library and it’s located in a large courthouse that houses juvenile, district and appellate courts. I’m the reference librarian and most of my day is spent helping people who need to navigate the legal system and for whatever reason don’t have an attorney. This is usually in the context of family law issues and evictions. I help people when they are in the throes of an emotional situation, such as filing for divorce or custody, getting evicted or losing their house.

I also train judges and law clerks on legislative history and legal databases and help with rush research requests from legislative staff. I also teach other librarians about legal research. One of my favorite things since starting at this job 3 years ago was traveling around Utah meeting librarians and teaching them about legal research and reference.

When I’m not doing reference work, I spend time researching technology that will help increase the library’s visibility. For instance, I started a blog, a Facebook page, and chat and text message reference.

I would much rather work part time so I could be home with Future President. But that’s what I do all day while Future President is at school.


One thought on “What I Do All Day

  1. Wow! No wonder I'm always so impressed by you! 🙂 You're an amazing gal!!!!I have no doubt you will find a job in the future that will give you more of the balance you desire.

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