Insert foot

I am shocked that I still embarrass myself in front of native Utahns after living here for more than two years. Maybe not shocked, since I’ve been known to say inappropriate things at inopportune times, but definitely embarrassed.

Tonight we went to G’s office party and sat across from a couple who were very shy. To make conversation, I asked about his work, etc. and he mentioned he had lived in Australia for two years. “Oh, were you there for work?” I asked. He politely told me it was an LDS mission. Which I should have known since most young men in this town have spent two years elsewhere. For their missions. I was so embarrassed.

Last weekend I was getting my haircut with a new stylist and I made some comment about moving here and how hard it was to learn how to pronounce place names likes Tooele and Hurricane and Weber. And then I proceeded to make fun of people who say “Oh my heck!” My stylist laughed and told me she says it all the time. She was polite and all I could think was how stupid I was for saying it at all.

The most embarrassing and confused moment happened in a doctor’s office. I had to undress and put on a hospital gown. The nurse asked me if I was wearing garments. My response? Yes. But of course I wasn’t. I thought she meant a bra and panties and it wasn’t until she came back that I sheepishly explained the misunderstanding.



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