Making Friends

It’s really hard to make new friends when moving for work, not for school. There’s no built-in friend group with similar interests or backgrounds. Just a wide sea of people. When I first moved here, I have to admit I made no effort to get to know anyone because I was flying to Seattle so often to see G or he was here visiting me. I was lucky, too, because G’s second cousin and family lived here and they welcomed me with open arms and today are some of our best friends.

After they moved, we realized we had to do something or we would be lonely the rest of the time we lived here. So we started going to church regularly and attending group events. And we are fortunate that people at church are friendly and open and invite strangers to their houses! Even though we never go to potluck, I think things are starting to get better. We don’t bolt out the door after church, worried about making small talk. We stick around talking to people. Even through all my doubts about church and God and religion in general, I feel so fortunate that we walked into a church that has so many wonderful people in it. If someone asked me why I go to church, that might be the number one reason I list. For the friends.


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