Adventists in the News

I’m always intrigued when Seventh-day Adventists are mentioned in the news media or popular culture because I like to watch for how they’ll get us, well, wrong.

If you’ve been watching The Sing-Off, you know that the 6-man group “Committed” is from Oakwood University and last night they got through another round of eliminations. I think they’re pretty good and of course sound similar to the 80s and 90s group “Take 6.” I haven’t watched all the episodes, so I don’t know if “Committed” has been portrayed in a negative or positive light considering where they come from, but it peaked my interest to keep watching even though a acapella gets on my nerves after about 5 minutes. Last night’s episode is also the only time EVER in U.S. history that Oakwood can claim they beat Yale at something!

In a more puzzling mention of Adventism, if you have been following the Elizabeth Smart trial here in Salt Lake City, you may have read or heard about Noel Gardner’s testimony about Mitchell’s mental state. This article from the Salt Lake Tribune mentions Adventism without any context and makes it sound like SDAs are either 1) crazy or 2) similar enough to Mitchell that Gardner’s expertise in that “religion” makes him an expert in Mitchell’s delusional behavior.


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