Living in Utah

I should have started blogging on this topic a year and a half ago : living in Utah is an experience that needs an entire blog or book of its own.

As a non-Mormon, I feel like I’m confronted with secrets every day and it’d be too rude to ask why certain things are the way they are.

Today’s example: my favorite radio station was advertising a concert by a man named Paul Cassell. I know who he is because the newspapers here have been fascinated with his story – he is a musician who needed a new heart and finally got one last year after his health was really failing.

Last year, his brother was tasered by a cop and died. Of course I have no idea if the cop’s behavior was appropriate in that situation but in general, I am still shocked at how much people in Utah seem to respect authority and avoid trash-talking.

The question that seems too rude to ask is where does the apparent respect come from? And are church members taught to respect men and women equally? Or is it more about respecting people in uniform?

And while I’m thinking about it: I haven’t bought any jello since moving here. I’m in the minority in this state.


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