Plural Marriage

On Friday nights, a group called Brewed Awakenings meets to discuss spiritual-related topics and this week’s topic was plural marriage. The guests were a husband and wife (one of three) who answered our questions with incredible honesty.

They are independent, which means they don’t have a prophet or belong to a larger FLDS group, and they worship on Sunday with their immediate family only. Why do they live in plural marriage? To attain higher glory in heaven.

Vicki has appeared on Oprah and other shows while her husband has not done as many public appearances because he fears it will affect his job. They were both raised in plural families. Vicki has 7 children and he has 24, including 5 one of the wives had from a prior relationship.

Some other fascinating things about them:
– They all live in the same house but it has three master bedrooms.
– Their children range in age from five weeks to 18.
– Other FLDS would probably consider them liberal.
– The third wife is Vicki’s twin sister.
– There are more plural families in Utah than Polynesians.
– Most houses in Utah have been touched in some way by a polygamist as many are involved in the construction trade.
– They don’t want polygamy to be legalized — they want it to be decriminalized.

I am fascinated by this topic and have read numerous books about the FLDS but this definitely was the most eye-opening conversation I had ever had about the subject. I wish there had been more time to talk with them as I still struggle to understand the theology behind their decision.

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