Making Plans

The big news this week was that G got accepted to the U, so he gets to stay in Utah with me! We also found a bigger place to rent as there is no way we can spend a year in my small apartment since we are already using every available closet, cupboard and bookshelf for storage and have an entire storage unit of stuff that needs a home. I miss my books, my couch, and my big TV! Our new place is actually a townhouse, so it will be the biggest home we’ve ever lived in together. I’m already making plans on where to display all of our books! And of course, where guests can stay when they visit. (Please come visit!)

On Saturday, I leave for Washington, D.C. for my professional conference. I’m not looking forward to being in D.C. because of the humidity, traffic, crowds, etc., but I’m very much looking forward to seeing my law librarian classmates and seeing my best friend from law school. And since we lived there for 3 years, I don’t feel any pressure at all to spend my down time seeing sights. I’m going to enjoy the a/c as much as possible!

G asked me if I was going to visit my law school while in D.C. And I literally started laughing.


One thought on “Making Plans

  1. My brother's band is touring in October; any chance you might have floorspace for three polite young men? I mean, as long as you're asking for visitors… =)

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