No iPhone for Me

I stepped on my last phone and eventually the screen blacked out, so I couldn’t see who was calling me or the numbers I was dialing.

So I got the cheapest, crappiest phone from AT&T to hold me over until my contract runs out so I could get the iPhone for the cheaper price.

But then today, when I got out of my car, I forgot my phone was in my lap. I then proceeded to go shopping for an hour. The whole time my phone was lying on the ground next to my car. Luckily I live in a very honest town (or, no one wanted my cheap, crappy phone) and my phone was nicely propped on the hood of my car when I returned.

This time, there are no visible cracks.

But if I invest $200 in an iPhone and pay whatever extortionist fees in monthly costs, will I care for my phone as if it were an egg–an unboiled egg–or will it break all over the road?


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