Goodbye, BSG

So the ending of BSG reminded me of Noah and the flood. Except in this case, the skins have a bay ship and may come back to attack if they decide humans are their enemy once again.

My unaswered questions:
1) How did they repopulate the earth if they spread out across different continents and islands?
2) Why did Adama sacrifice himself, after all that work to find a safe place to live? I get that Laura is gone…but is there nothing else to live for?
3) Does Starbuck have botox injections in her lips?


One thought on “Goodbye, BSG

  1. As to re-population…well, I don’t think they dropped just like 10 people in one place. I figure they dropped like at least 100 in a spot. So…people got busy and eventually…well, here we are!! As to Adama…I don’t quite get that either. I would have thought he wanted to be with Lee too. But, I think he was just tired of it all. He wanted to finish out his days in contemplation and hermitage. In theory, he could have gone and found a group after he buried Laura…but I kind of think he found true love in Laura and so between losing her and the ship…he was ready to go.

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