In college, it was easy to “keep the Sabbath” as I had been raised to–I would go to vespers and hang out with friends on Friday night, and then on Sabbath, go to church, eat at a friends’ house, take a nap, and then it would be Saturday night. I never was tempted to watch TV or go to a movie or go shopping, except for the occasional grocery shopping. My version of keeping the Sabbath meant it was okay to go out to eat. I still don’t have a problem with that.

And now I live alone: on Friday night, I face an empty, silent apartment. I want to watch TV to fill up the lonely space, but thus far have only allowed myself to watch shows live Man v. Wild on the Discovery Channel. Since I’m so busy during the week, I almost wish I felt okay about relaxing by watching TV or shopping. But I think I would feel way too guilty.

I’m not spiritual enough to spend Friday night reading the Bible or another religious text. I would get too bored.

I wonder if other people’s versions of “keeping the Sabbath” has changed as life circumstances change. And I wonder if that’s okay. Today in church the sermon was about healthy relationships and sex, and the pastor indicated that some Adventists have a problem with having sex on Sabbath. Where does an idea like that start? I wish guilt wasn’t so built into my version of Sabbath.


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