The Real World at Starbucks

Yesterday I went to sleep at 12:30 and woke up numerous times during the night. So, what better excuse is there for a quad-shot latte at 6:30 in the morning?

I stopped at Starbucks and the baristas were talking with a slender blond woman in her 50s about the Real World: Brooklyn. This didn’t surprise me since two of the kids are from Salt Lake City this season. What did surprise me is that it was the blond kid’s mom! She was complaining about how much of their conversations got cut on the show, that she was thankful not many people in her neighborhood watched the show so there wasn’t much talk of it at church on Sunday, and that the blond kid’s girlfriend’s (yeah right!) dad was upset with producers because she is mentioned on the show without permission.

I was so tired, before I picked up on the fact that this was the blond kid’s mom, I was like, “Oh, are you talking about the Real World?” She looked at me and nodded. Most of the time people in SLC are friendly and talkative. She was not. I don’t think she’s too happy her son is on the show.


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