Nerdy Librarian (and, coincidentally, SDA) Stuff

While I was doing some historical legal research today about the Utah Constitution and the admission of Utah to the Union, I came across this statement by an early Adventist:

“After a careful observation for some days, we came to the settled conclusion that there is less licentiousness in Salt Lake City than in any other one of the same size in the United States, and were we to bring up a family of children in these last days of wickedness we should have less fears of their moral corruption were they in that city than in any other. Swearing, drinking, gambling, idleness, and licentiousness have made but small headway there when compared with other places of equal size. As a body they are a very sincere people and believe the Lord led them there. They are close Bible students, and are very familiar with the Old Testament prophecies, upon which they dwell much in their preaching. Among them are a number of able men, who are capable of entertaining an intelligent audience. They preach without notes and present such thoughts as come to them on the occasion.”

–Elder Miles Grant, as quoted in “Admission to Utah, Report to Accompany H.R. 10190, 52nd Congress, 2nd Session”

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