Restaurant Review: Chanon Thai Cafe

I never would have guessed I would find good Indian food AND good Thai food in Salt Lake City! Tonight a friend introduced me to Chanon Thai Cafe, a place that could only be described as a hole-in-the-wall. It’s the type of restaurant you would just drive by if you didn’t know otherwise because it’s in a nondescript kind of strip mall with horribly inadequate parking.

But the food…!

I had massaman curry, which even though I never ate it in Thailand, is the dish I judge all American Thai restaurants by: this curry was very good with lots of potatoes, tofu, cashews, and carrots, and the curry was very creamy. I had Thai iced tea and for dessert, we shared sticky rice with some sort of flan. Too bad mangoes aren’t in season. I ate mangoes and sticky rice so much in Thailand, that’s one thing I remember how to say in Thai!

Now I just have to find a sushi place that rivals Saburo’s in PDX and I’ll be set!


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