We still have some leftovers in the fridge from a genuinely enjoyable Thanksgiving. We spent the evening with G’s cousin, his wife and their 10-month old baby. A. made a 20 lb. turkey, so we’ll be eating turkey sandwiches for days! I made chicken patties and deviled eggs, and G made sweet, sweet potatoes with yummy marshmallows on top. Just thinking about all the food is making me hungry. How is that possible? Yesterday I went shopping with L. and found a few Christmas presents. I was surprised that the stores weren’t overly crowded, but I think I’m shell-shocked from living in the D.C area.

Two years ago, we drove to Ohio to spend Turkey Day with my aunt and uncle, and my cousin and her friends drove down from Indiana. My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous, 3-story house, and we had a lot of fun eating in a formal dining room and watching movies on a huge TV. The year before that, we spent the day in our tiny apartment in Virginia with a friend from law school and a high school friend of G’s. I made a random smattering of food, hoping our guests would like it. And the year before that, we drove to New York in the snow at midnight to spend Thanksgiving with friends.

Last year, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate because my grandparents were both in the nursing home after my grandma’s stroke.

Every year has been so different. I’m hoping next year will be another happy year and all my friends and family will be in good health.


2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. New York at midnight in the snow…What fun memories! (probably better memories for me since I wasn’t driving that night) I’m glad you had a good turkey day. Mine was good too! I even made veggie food for all the carnivores!

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