What SLC smells like

Usually, I don’t notice anything odd about the air in SLC (except for the haze in the valley). But when I do notice the air, it’s because of the scents that are so strong I can smell them equally well at my house, on the way to work through my car windows, and at my office at work. After almost three months of living here, I have noticed three distinct scents.
1) A burnt coffee/toast smell that is exactly the opposite of the scent of roasting coffee beans that you can sometimes pick up when driving by the Tully’s coffee plant on I-5 in Seattle.
2) A bakery smells that drives me nuts because I can’t locate the origination of the scent. It also makes me hungry.
3) Spoiled eggs, which I’m told is how the great Salt Lake smells all the time. We just get to smell it when the wind blows in the right direction.


One thought on “What SLC smells like

  1. There are parts of this town that smell like burnt toast, too. The first time I smelled it was in Bryant’s truck, and I thought something might be wrong with it. And I ride by the Franklin Bakery on my way to school, which generally smells delicious in a very locatable sort of way, but I hardly ever stop to indulge.

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