Visit to SLC, my new home!

On my recent trip to Salt Lake City, I found an apartment, saw some sights, test drove cars, and took pictures of libraries (and a few other things). It’s very scary to be moving to a new place, especially since G will only be joining me on weekends. I’ve actually never lived alone, and as much as I like to talk and socialize, I know this is going to be a difficult adjustment. Nevertheless, I met some nice people while visiting, and my job is basically everything I want! So hopefully the adjustment will go well. And the city and surrounding area are beautiful, so hopefully I’ll get lots of visitors, especially during ski season.

Picture (1) is of the City Library of Salt Lake, which won an award for best library in America a few years ago. It’s awesome inside, with a coffee shop, a multi-story fireplace, and a viewing area from the top.

Picture (2) was taken in Park City, and is a ski jump that was made for the winter Olympics. There are a lot of Olympic-related sites around Park City (and Salt Lake), so I’m excited to explore it. Also, Park City has some great outlets, and an adorable Main Street. During the summer, you can take the ski lift from downtown Park City up into the mountains to hike and bike.

Picture (3) is of my future place of employment–at the Matheson Courthouse in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a very modern, clean building, and the Law Library occupies much of the first floor. On my tour of the building a few weeks ago, I toured the Supreme Court courtroom. Because I was there when court was out of session, I got to see a modern art painting in the courtroom that has apparently caused a lot of problems. Some people think it looks like a hamburger, and others think it looks like an exploding ice cream sundae. I guess when court is in session, they have to cover up the painting with black curtains so the lawyers aren’t distracted. If you come visit, I’ll try to give you a tour!

Picture (4) is the Park City Library. It’s in an old schoolhouse, and I love the brick architecture. It’s also a huge contrast to the modern Salt Lake City Library, and I’m excited to visit both many times!


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