PDX (as a conference attendee)

This year, AALL is being held in Portland, and yesterday I drove from Seattle to Portland with some friends and showed them around the city. I have of course forgotten what Portland looks like through visitor’s eyes, and it was really fun to walk around and play tourist. I’m excited to show them more of the city since we’ll be here until Wednesday. In between conference meetings, job interviews, and the exhibit hall, I hope to go to Powell’s again, eat sushi at Saburo’s, and maybe go to the Japanese Gardens.

Yesterday, we ate at Pizzicato on NW 23rd and did a little shopping. Then it was to Powell’s, where I picked up the phenomenal The Year of Magical Thinking, then to Mia Gelato for grapefruit and marionberry gelato, and then we went to register at the convention center.

I must say, even though I only met a few people while registering, that law librarians are one of the friendliest groups I have ever met.

I’ll be interviewing for at least one position at the conference, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


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