My Poor Feet

I always get blisters on my feet at the beginning of summer, but this year it seems I am punishing my feet extra early. Yesterday my blister band aids rubbed off on the way to the bus, so when I got to school I put duct tape over my blisters to prevent further pain. I knew I looked ridiculous all day, but fanandmortar still let me go the baseball game with her (the Mariners won!).

So today, I had to wear flip flops because my blisters hurt really bad. I grabbed a pair quickly because we were running late and were driving away from our apartment when I realized I had mismatched flip flips on. I love my Teva flip flops so much, I’ve bought numerous pairs in different colors, and today my left foot was rockin’ the pink pair and my right foot was rockin’ the yellow.

Thankfully, UW happens to be a campus where some people would have dressed like that on purpose.


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