I’ve fallen

This week has been a little rough.

I slipped and fell in the courthouse lobby and injured my left knee–the good one at that! I iced it at work and tried to keep it raised while trying not to flash the entire library in my skirt. This incident proves I should never wear high heels, as I am a klutz and need at least one good knee and one good foot. My foot surgery two years ago was awful. I hope to never go under the knife again.

My boss wanted me to get it checked out for L&I purposes, so I went to a walk-in clinic today and waited almost two hours to be seen. They told me what I had thought all along–it’s just bruised and I should ice it and take pain meds.

My 20 page, single spaced paper is due on Monday. I currently have 16 pages, which is pretty good considering I have tomorrow afternoon and the weekend to work on. However, it’s really rough and I have no idea if I’m going in the direction my prof wants.

I am also freaking out about finding a job. There’s a Harvard job that fits the bill: reference and marketing library services. But it’s in MA. Far away from G and too close to the place I lost my grandparents. So I’m not going to apply. Why can’t a job open up at SU? That would be perfect.

I applied for my FAFSA (finally) to get aid for the summer, and the email kindly told me how much I already owe. Ouch! That’s the biggest reason I’m freaking out–as soon as I graduate this summer, I have to start paying on my gynormous law school loans.

But on to happier thoughts: Grey’s and Lost are back tonight!


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