When my hard drive failed a few weeks ago, I was devastated because I lost my itunes music library. I am frustrated that Apple doesn’t allow you to re-download music after a hard drive fail is THEIR fault…

So after certain measures, I now have more music than before, but since I can’t remember what I lost, I am experiencing a lot of new music thanks to music-loving friends. I think I even got some Japanese and Italian pop.

In other news: I really, really want a Wii. Thanks to fanandmortar, I am officially hooked on Wii bowling!


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Technically, if you complain to Apple directly they will let you re-download your purchased music ONCE (and only once). I agree, it’s an asinine restriction, but if you call them directly they will let you (along with reminding you that it’s your responsibility to back up your files).

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