An open letter to Adventist World

An article featured in this month’s Adventist World made me mad, so I wrote a letter to the editor. I have my doubts they will publish it in an upcoming issue, so I’ll post it here.

Dear Editor,

Were women invited to the 2007 Annual Council? In an article that explicitly states that the council was convened to address specific challenges facing the church today, including cohabitation and same-sex partnerships, I was disheartened to note that all four photos attached to the article displayed only men. The church of today needs to embrace both genders and all races especially when addressing big issues. I hope that these photos do not accurately reflect the membership in attendance and that women were invited to attend as part of the 300 church leaders. In order for the church to stay relevant in women’s lives, women must have a voice in church matters. No consensus will ever be found within a church that is not willing to listen to the voice of its entire membership.

Thank you for your time,
Me, J.D.


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