Political Burnout

I am used to liberal ideas being preached at me from the teacher pulpit. In law school, my Int’l Law prof was the worst: every class period was spent Bush bashing instead of teaching. Now, I’m not a big fan of President Bush, but it bothered me that it was cool to bash on him, Congress, and anything else associated with the Republican party. At UW it’s the same way. You’re cool if you’re a Bush basher and when someone says something nasty about the President or his administration, you’re expected to chime in with your equally nasty comment. At an academic institution, I would hope that different ideas would be respected, even if you are a Republican. I hate it when people roll their eyes at the very word, like Republicans are the spawn of something evil. I know many Republicans who are very moderate, not the gun-toting, socially conservative people that others make them out to be. I just want the Democrats to respect the Republican point of view and vice versa.

Okay, rant over.


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