While they’re striking

To get my TV fix while the writers are striking and more and more of my favorite shows run out of episodes, I decided to give a couple shows a try on the web that I ignored at the beginning of the season. It helps that I have a good, fast connection and no one else is home to monopolize the wireless connection.

Over the past week, I’ve been catching up on Samantha Who and Chuck. My one complaint is that ABC doesn’t post all past episodes, so I was only able to watch the four or five posted on their website (Can someone tell me about any bootleg sites that have all past episodes?). NBC, on the other hand, is really capitalizing on Internet viewers and has posted all past episodes.

Random thought of the day: I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning (YES, I’M BORED) and one of the callers was from O-something Tennessee. She was really boring and not very excited about winning a cruise. Regis asked her why she moved to the hard-to-pronounce name and she said it was so her daughter could go to Collegedale Academy. Of course: the boring caller was SDA.


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