Welcome to Seattle

We’ve been in the Seattle area for over a month now and today I guess we had our introduction to the real Seattle, take it or leave it, rain fall and all. We had company this weekend and our plan had always been to visit Pike’s Market and find the original Starbucks, etc. This a.m. it was pouring very hard and my usual self would have opted for a day inside drinking tea, reading a book, and napping. But we wanted to keep the company entertained, so we braved the rain and walked blocks of Seattle, getting jeans and feet extremely wet. It didn’t help that my petite jeans are always too long, so they were extra wet, and my “rain” coat was purchased in Thailand 7 years ago for purely vain purposes. After my next paycheck I am going to REI to buy a warm rain coat–do those exist?

But I do love it here. Yesterday we went on our walk to the beach, which is only a couple miles from our apartment, and then went on a driving tour of the city since it started raining. I’m going to guess this is the beginning of a long, rainy week.


One thought on “Welcome to Seattle

  1. I got my rain jacket at REI, and I love it; it’s a Marmot with a shell and removable fleece liner, and very warm. I forgot my rain pants and was caught downpour on my ride home… but my coat kept me dry from the waist up!(Also, I too am in my eighth year of post-secondary education; I recently told a first grader that I was in 20th grade.)

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