A Different World

Coming from law school to the ischool at UW is like…well, I’m too sleep deprived to think of a good metaphor, but let me tell you that the ischool folks are very friendly, even without caffeine. This morning, in my first ischool class, we spent a hour getting to know everyone’s undergrad major and guilty pleasures, which ranged from 80’s metal to reality TV. Many of us were English majors, so I’m glad to be around lovers of books and writing once again.

However: I must say that at the ischool orientation we were supposed to cheer “M-L-I-S.” The law school grads in the room did not really participate. We rolled our eyes and didn’t smile. I can confidently say we’re all a little cynical but can’t tell you if all of us were like that because of law school, or have just always been that way.

Overall, I’m enjoying my start to yet another school year. After this year, I will have spent 8 years of my life in school POST high school. I really truly better find a job!


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