This and That

The movers come in a few days, so we’ve spent the last week packing. But G’s mom was here to sight see one last time, so we tried to spend some time doing that with her. On Saturday we finally went up the Washington Monument and then drove over to Annapolis to see the Naval Academy and on the way back drove around the city for a nighttime tour of the monuments. On Friday we went on a tour of the White House, which was actually really fun even though it was only self-guided; while there we noticed someone had just proposed to his girlfriend in one of the rooms off limits to tourists and we wondered how he worked that out! It was good to play tourist one last time before we move.

On the flight to DC I finished Harry Potter 7 and tried to contain the tears, especially considering I was sitting in a middle seat and felt a little foolish as I turned the pages. I plan on reading it again, maybe on the drive across country. I can’t actually believe we’re doing that drive again but we got our car checked out and the mechanic says it’s perfectly fine to do so. Our route will be a little different this time and the car a little less weighed down since the movers are taking all the heavy stuff.

One final note for today: if you watch Big Brother: is Jen for real? Or is it all an act?
So much for deep thoughts this summer!


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Wow, good luck with the move. Hope you have a great cross-country drive! We’re looking forward to seeing you guys more often now that we’re on the same coast.

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