I’m not very good at waiting. Anyone who knows me knows this. I’m one of the most impatient people I know. I’m on time for things. And if I’m not, I’ll let you know.

So it’s killing me that I wasn’t at the Harry Potter party at midnight to pick up the latest installment, even though I’m pretty sure I know Harry’s fate. I can feel it. (But I refuse to read the spoilers or read the version that leaked.) In my post-college world, Sabbath keeping is one thing I love best about being an SDA. Now, my version of Sabbath keeping is different than the next person’s, I’m sure, but I can’t justify buying the book and reading it on Sabbath. So I’ll stew about it instead and at 8:59 or whatever time sundown is tonight I’ll be at Borders hoping they haven’t sold their last copy.

In other news, in the Summer that I Almost Took the Bar, last week I went to the dentist, picked up sugars4g from the airport, and did almost nothing. In comparison to the rest of my summer, it was lovely to watch Netflix movies and read books from the library. I feel really weird not studying for the bar any more. But Commercial Paper did me in. And I’m ok admitting it to the world.


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