No Such Luck

G was supposed to arrive in the Pacific NW last night around 8:15. However, his flight out of DC was delayed for three hours, which meant he missed his connection from Seattle to Portland last night. Instead of sleeping on the airport floor until the first flight out, he called friends from college to bail him out, waking them out of a deep sleep but they were happy to help nonetheless. Thank goodness! I was ready to drive up there to get him–after 24 days of not seeing him, the thought of a few more hours was killing me! So instead of picking him up at 10 or so last night at PDX, I’m picking him up this morning around 9 a.m. The cause of all this delay? Possible thunderstorms on the Eastern Seaboard.

It’s G’s birthday today. We’re celebrating with an eye appointment so he can see the board this Fall when he starts law school.

On a more positive note: yesterday I indulged in 2 of my favorite things: avocado on toast and a caramel machiatto. Yum.


One thought on “No Such Luck

  1. This morning I had my first caramel macchiato in a long time; I love those things! Sorry about your arm… yikes. Does it really mean you can’t take the bar?

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