This whole self-starter thing would be easier if I wasn’t constantly tired because of my allergies. I can’t sleep, enjoy the clean air of the Northwest, or enjoy a nice walk because of them. I hate allergies. Allergies are one reason I came home early to study for the bar because I knew my body needed to adjust.

But now that I’m home, I hate them even more.
And I’ve managed to avoid studying by apt. hunting on the Internet, reading library books, shopping with my brother for business casual clothes for his internship, and attending multiple graduation events at the U and at WWC.

And driving from Portland to Seattle to Walla Walla and then back to Portland takes a lot of time. I have a thousand excuses for not studying but I dare not fail.

If I don’t return your phone call this summer, it’s because I’m trying to study. Or not studying at all.


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