Breaking point

Friday a.m. took G. to the airport so he could fly to CO for one of his BFF’s wedding. I’m sad I’m not there but I’m in the midst of finals. But of course, instead of studying all day yesterday, I met C at the mall, where we shopped and ate. We’d been meaning to get to the Gap to pick up (RED) shirts, especially after watching the Idol Gives Back show a couple weeks ago. I picked the green shirt with the word DESI(RED) on it. While tempted to get HAMME(RED) because that’s how I feel, I opted for the green one. Should I feel guilty that they were on sale and this is supposed be a way to help eliminate AIDS in Africa? C and I decided that if our job hunt continues the way it’s going, we’ll forgo the lawyering route and go to Africa and volunteer. I wonder what my student loan lenders would have to say about that? Speaking of which, I found out my first payments are due in June. Ummm….hello job seekers! I’m available! To do anything!


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