We finally ventured down to the Mall to see the cherry blossoms this weekend. They weren’t very impressive this year because of our weird warm weather in December and January, but I did manage to get a picture of this magnificently colored tree as we were leaving the city. Funny how the prettiest trees were located right by the National Park buildings.

A strange thing came over me this weekend: I really, really wanted to clean! Our kitchen floor looks dirty all the time no matter what, but I decided it was time for a hands and knees cleaning rather than the Swiffer version. G. and I both attacked the floor this afternoon, and even though it still looks dirty, I can rest easier knowing we actually tried to make it better.

And then I tried my hand at the bathtub. Ever since we moved in, the tub has bothered me. The soap scum was so built up that no amount of scrubbing would get rid of the roughness. Well, I read somewhere that a pumice stone can get rid of nasty soap scum. And it actually worked! Well, it worked a little, and now I might be able to take a bath. Now I can buy some bubble bath and enjoy my new library books. I have to say, one of the best things in life is a book and a bath. In a clean tub!

To round out a productive weekend: we finished our taxes! And the teams went to Hong Kong on Amazing Race! A little piece of home is always nice.

P.S. Yes, I’m still in school. This is my last week of classes. But sometimes I try to forget by doing everything except studying.


One thought on “Productivity

  1. I thought about you during Amazing Race! Did you grow up Kung Fu Fighting? :)Way to go with cleaning the apartment. Ours is so bad–but we’re making progress. I hate cleaning other people’s dirt. I’m excited for the end result though…if it ever comes!

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