Rabbit, Rabbit!

So I go outside to run some errands, only to discover someone has tried to toilet paper one of the downstairs neighbor’s car. And most of the toilet paper ended up on the lawn. Maybe this is some April Fools’ prank, but I don’t like it. We live in a snotty-nosed, upper middle-class neighborhood and I already feel like my rental house sticks out like a dandelion amongst roses. The toilet paper wasn’t picked up when I got home from my errands, so I picked up most of it. I’ll let the boys downstairs pick up the rest of it in the drive way, since that’s their jurisdiction.

And I want to give a birthday shout out to Webpyxie, a day late. I can’t believe I thought your bday was on Sunday. What calendar was I looking at? Last year’s? 🙂


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