Foot burn

Spring break preview:

I’m in Texas. With friends. It’s awesome. We shopped. And ate. And talked. And stayed up late. And went to the beach.

After driving for six hours in the worst rain I have seen since typhoon season in Hong Kong, we arrived in Galveston, Texas. We drove because we had reservations and ended up being thankful because the next day was warm and sunny and we got to enjoy the beach for two hours. We also took a free ferry ride and saw dolphins!

Except now I have burned feet. Seriously. I lathered the sunscreen on everywhere except the tops of my feet and now I’ve been punished by the sun. The left foot has a weird sunburn pattern from where part of my foot was buried in sand. The other one is just bright red. Thankfully B. has aloe, which I’ve been applying liberally.

This is why I’m sometimes referred to as “Pinky“.


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