Daylight savings time came early this year and I was fortunate enough (NOT) to sign up to take the MPRE on the same day. The MPRE is part of the bar examine–required in most jurisdictions, it tests you on ethical questions like fee-splitting and attorney-client privilege. If I decide to take the Oregon Bar, I need to score an 85. If I take the Washington Bar, I won’t have needed to take it at all because Washington tests specifically on its own rules of professional responsibility, and in essay form no less. However, if I do take the Washington Bar and want to waive in to D.C., I need a passing score on the MPRE. So hopefully I’ll have covered all my bases. I get my score in 5 weeks.

I diligently studied for this test. I watched a 4 hour video of a man in a bad suit lecture me on the MPRE and all the ins and outs of ethics. I took three practice tests.

Then last night when I started to review, the people living below me decided to party. Not just in the living room, but underneath the bedroom. So G. and I drove to the law library. We arrived at 8:55. The library closes at 9 because it’s Spring Break. So we turned around and came home. By this time I was in tears because I had lost precious review time. Luckily the idiots had gone bar hopping, or to some other industrious endeavor, so I reviewed and went to bed at 11:30. At 3:45 a.m. the guys started yelling at each other. Loudly. With f-you swear words. So I moved to the couch. And then G. woke me up at 6 (mind you, my body thought it was 5) so I could study some more before my 9 o’clock test. I hate neighbors.

But now the MPRE is over and Spring Break can officially start. Hooray for Texas, sun, freckles, friends, sleeping in, TV, books, gossip magazines, movies, shopping, and fun, fun, fun!


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