While in law school…

When I’ve been in class for 5 or so hours in a single day, I’m often more amused by what the students sitting in front of me are looking at online than by what my teachers are saying. Also, when I’m smashed in an elevator with 10 or so other students, I’m bound to eavesdrop. And in the library–well, that’s another delight altogether.

A few things that have amused me over the past couple weeks:

  • Student playing a computer game in the library two carrels down from my work desk. He plays it every Tuesday and Thursday until around 3:50. And his computer makes a lot of noise while running the disc for the game.
  • Student planning her wedding during class. She looks at beautiful wedding sites in Northern California. My brother-in-law is getting married there too. Maybe they should exchange notes. She is also making plans for graduation. She emails her family and tells them about a classmate, the daughter of a congressman, who can arrange White House tours. Why am I not friends with that girl?
  • At my law school, students are not allowed to take food from the buffets that are set up for lawyers that come here for continuing education. This year the school has even roped off hallways and put up signs: “CONFERENCE ATTENDEES ONLY.” So we all wait until the conference is over to attack the leftovers. Last night they were serving beer and wine to the conference attendees; when I left class, a few student were enjoying those leftovers.
  • Overheard: “I’m just going to take the bar everywhere.”
  • Overheard: “Don’t I owe you money? I was so smashed last night, I can’t remember.” That was Tuesday.
  • Overheard: “The Property midterm wasn’t that bad.” I laughed hard inside when I heard that one. I had the same teacher. It was awful.

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